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Personalized financial solutions and expert advice for informed decisions about your money.

KEQAT Savings and Investments Company which offers opportunity for Kenyans in the diaspora to save, invest and have access to loans. It focuses on Kenyans in the Middle East (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and UAE). The services to be provided included Savings, busying Assets (Cars, houses, business equipment) to investors, access to credit.
We also offer similar services to Kenyans based in Kenya in accordance with our savings and invest policy.
The variety of tailor-made financial solutions are intended for subsistence, school, fees emergencies, investments, real estate development, access to loans and asset Finance.


Provide Investment opportunity and Asset Finance to promote economic welfare and business interests for the Kenyans in the diaspora within the middle East region and beyond.

Offer reliable, secure, affordable investment opportunities to Kenyan citizens in the
diaspora within the middle East/gulf region.


To be the preferred special purpose Vehicle for investment and asset finance for
Kenyan citizens in the diaspora within the middle East/gulf region, by adopting
modern technology for financial/economic empowerment.


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Our Core Values

Voluntary and open registration as an investor

The company shall always be guided by the principle of voluntary investor registration, willingness to invest and access finance without political, ethnic, religious, gender or social discrimination.


The company shall foster fairness by awarding bonuses/interest on investments and imposing interests on loans based on with base lending rates set by the CBK.

Confidentiality of investor information

The Company shall ensure investors personal details and kept confidential, and it not shared with anyone except or the purpose of recovery of funds if necessary and for government requirement.

Transparency and Accountability

The company shall ensure that the services to the investors and borrowers/investors are served in an environment of transparency and accountability.

Building a better future through smart financial management.

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