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Unlock your financial potential with our range of flexible loan products.

At our organization, we understand that sometimes life can throw unexpected financial challenges your way. Whether you're facing a major expense or looking to invest in your future, we're here to help with our range of loan products. Our loans are designed to meet your unique financial needs, offering flexible terms, competitive interest rates, and personalized solutions to help you achieve your goals. With a focus on responsible lending and transparent terms, our loan products are a smart and sustainable way to manage your finances and reach your financial goals.

Digital loan(M-sasa loans)

This product will be offered through KQD Sacco for all investors. The investors will download and install the Sacco App on the mobile phone and use to access the loans. The loan is payable in 30 days Maximum amount is Ksh. 50,000

Emergency Loans

We offer emergency loans for unforseen circumstances. Emergency loans is given within members' entitlement. - The interest rate is on 1.1% reducing balance. - Maximum amount is Ksh. 250,000.00

Personal Loans

We offer personal loans to individual members for their own personal needs. Personal loans are repayble in 6-36 Months and Loan amount is between Ksh. 250,000.00 and Ksh. 1,000,000.00.

School Fees Loan

This product is meant for educational advancement. A school fees loan is granted on repayble in 12 Months. Maximum amount is Ksh. 200,000.00. The interest rate is on 1.1% reducing balance

Mjengo Loan

This product is desinged to enable our members to access funding for Purchase of a house and the Construction of a residential or commercial building. It is repayable in upto 60 Months with a Maximum amount of Ksh. 5,000,000.00

Medical Loans

This product is designed to enable members take care of the next of kins medical expenses. It repayable for up to 36 Months and has a Maximum amount is Ksh. 5,000,000.00.

Asset Financing

This is a short to medium term loan granted to clients for purchase of captal assets, mainly motor vehicle, motor bikes, construction equipments, indurstrial plant and machinery, plots, agricultural equipments and landMaximum amount of Ksh. 5,000,000.00

Application Process

How to Apply for Loans

Step 1: Member Registration.

Registration as an investor is open to all Kenyan citizens in the diaspora within the middle East. The investors will register, and the registration is evaluated based on the information provided and accepted. If the investor is approved, he/she is enrolled in an investor register, an investor number is given. The investors is free to invest his money for profit as set out by the Board of directors in the investment policy.

Step 2: Loan application

The investor who wishes to access loan, will fill in the asset finance/loan application form. The application is evaluated/appraised based on the information provided and securities provided. The security is either an asset, group security or guarantors. Loans approved will be disbursed immediately as per policy.

Step 3: Loan disbursement and payment

All loans to the investor shall be disbursed either by electronic funds transfer, mobile money transfer, cheques on in cash. All investors shall operate a local mobile money account (e.g. M-Pesa or Airtel money) or local accounts from which all transactions shall be affected.

Don't let financial challenges hold you back. Take the first step towards achieving your goals and apply for a loan with us today.

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