Frequently asked questions

No. We are an investment company whose interest is to support you(investor/shareholder) in secure savings of your money and accrue the benefits of economies of scale.
You can buy shares and become a shareholder and/or save as an investor.

KEQAT is owned by shareholders who have bought shares. The shareholders elects the Board of Directors(BOD) who manage the Company, appoint the Chairman/CEO, and employs staff.

Fill the simple form on our website and send your basic details to become an investor.
Our staff will receive your application and contact you. You may also contact us through the e-mail or telephone number under our "contacts" menue .

The shareholder's earn dividend annually. Investors earn interest up to 19% p.a

Don't work in the diaspora and leave with "nothing to show" for your work. KEQAT offers you an opportunity to own an assest (plot,car, house,business equipment) or save money for profit/interest.

Yes. KEQAT will work with KQD sacco Ltd as a partner to offer cash loans listed.

All who save money will sign an investor undertaking form which legally binds the company to its obligation.
Each investor will have monthly/periodic statement of his/her investment. Every amount paid/invested will have an official receipt for evidence and proof of your saving/investment.

Market forces control business profit and loss.
However all our investment are well thought out to reduce risks to the minimum. All our assest Finance are secured by the same/other asset .

The asset finance process takes between 1 day to 14 days to process depending on the product .

Yes. It all depend on your ability to pay and secure your loans/asset Finance..

KEQAT is a business enterprise involved in buying and selling of land, motor vehicles, construction of houses and more ventures. The profit made is shared among, shareholder's and investors

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